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Emotional resilience: How to thrive under pressure

We all work in a frantic, chaotic and stressful world. Workloads are high, deadlines are looming, cost blow-outs look likely, and the pressures and responsibilities seem endless. 

How does anyone cope with this without going under, while staying emotionally fit and well? It is important that people stay resilient because the people who are successful are the ones who have resilience.

The problem

  • People can become overwhelmed. Once this kicks in their stress and tension mount and they become increasingly less productive and more irritable.
  • Once people are stressed, feeling out-of-control or thinking that everything is "too much" they are more likely to make errors, produce the wrong decisions and increase conflict with others.
  • When people aren't coping with the pressure telling them to "get over it", does not work; building their resilience does.
  • When people endure stress for too long mental health problems and physical illness can occur and absenteeism becomes an issue. This negatively impacts on the whole team and organisation.

The solution

  • Reduce the problems by building the emotional resilience, grit and distress tolerance of your team. The person who is resilient is more likely to smoothly and quietly dealt with difficulties as they arise.
  • Develop their ability to use a series of proven techniques which prevent stress and tension so that they reduce the likelihood of becoming worn down. Resilience is not just about bouncing back from adversity, it's about not being affected by it in the first place.
  • Develop skills across three different pillars of emotional resilience, so that even if people start to be negatively impacted by pressure, they know how to quickly reverse it.
  • Help them learn what actions to take so that when problems arise they are less stressed or affected by them and they stay motivated, positive and relaxed. Pressure and change cannot be avoided, crumpling under pressure can.

The format

  • This is an interactive, practical and skills-based workshop presented in a relaxed, easy-to-follow and enjoyable format.
  • It is drawn from a depth of life experiences and proven practical strategies for developing emotional resilience. It is also grounded in solid scientific research.
  • Participants will gain insights into the three pillars of emotional resilience and be given the opportunity to try out several strategies to boost their own competencies in each of them.
  • We will contact you to ensure the materials and examples are customised to the specific attendees and their pressures.

The presenter

  • Rachel Green, B.App. Sci (Psych). Grad Dip Ed (H&F). LCST. FPTG. AFAIM. CSP.
  • Rachel is the Director of the Emotional Intelligence Institute, and the author of the video program: "How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions". 
  • She's had plenty of practice at staying resilient and has carried high volumes of work, challenges and responsibilities. This has included being a voluntary counsellor on a crisis line, managing her own business, chairing community committees, running a Land for Wildlife property, running two community organisations, writing her ninth book ... and staying happily married.
  • She's had a regular meditation practice for over 30 years, is certified in Simple Energy Techniques (tapping), has many years of experience in journal writing for emotional healing, and much more.
  • She's delivered emotional resilience programs to leading organisations including Main Roads WA, Australian Defence Force, Silver Chain, Murdoch University, Chevron, Baker Hughes in Perth and Victoria, Perth Children's Hospital, City of Greater Geraldton, and more.

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